Development Specification Feb 2004, Ireland Home Page

I have personally developed utilising my knowledge of creating static sites with Dreamweaver MX. My plan is to outsource the future development requirements of the site allowing me to spend more time on managing and developing as a business. It is essential that I can continue to edit and add content to the site utilising a basic knowledge of DMX, once this work is completed.

What is is the Internet portal site for all things Irish, integrated with an online Irish department store. The target browser audience is those with an interest in Ireland who are living outside of Ireland.

The idea behind this concept is that the provision of an Irish community portal site will attract browsers with an interest in Ireland who will purchase Irish related products and services.


Development Requirements

We are currently seeking to outsource the following website development / programming activities.

To incorporate newsfeed services onto the site. Some of these may be via RSS. The objective here is to provide browsers with Irish related news content. Newsfeed will be sourced by and implemented by the developer. Please note that I simply want newsfeed made available by other sites displayed, I don't require a news system.

Browser Email Service
We currently provide a free email service to browsers of This service requires updating. At present we do not have adequate statistics for or information on users of this service. The update may utilise or another provider, suggestions welcomed.

Links Directory
A fundamental service of this site is the provision of links to sites of Irish interest. These links are currently presented in a table format. This needs to be improved, providing for the inclusion of site descriptions and the prioritisation of links. Dynamic functionality may be required together with search capability and link categorisation. This facility should also allow for the automation of the management of reciprocal links.

We wish to provide an occasional newsletter to our browsers informing them of updates and special offers on the site. We require a system which allows for the input of our current list of email addresses, browsers to submit their email address and to unsubscribe. Preferably a server side system using cPanel on the site's hosting account.

Provision of an improved guest book on the site.

Search Engine Optimisation
The site requires search engine optimisation and submission in order to increase traffic.

HTML Validation
Validation of the existing code in order to improve download time, user friendliness and search engine friendliness of the site.


Requirements for Response

Please include the following in your response.

  1. Your approach to completing this project.
  2. Separate costs for the larger sections of this project. Search engine optimisation should definitely be quoted separately.
  3. Whether you wish to quote for all or part of the work. Responses are welcome from those who wish to only quote for part of the project. All prices quoted should be the full cost to All taxes must be borne by the developer. is registered for VAT.
  4. Your payment terms.
  5. Timescale for project completion and your willingness to accept reduced payment or penalty clauses, should the project not be completed on schedule.
  6. Client references and URL’s for similar work that you have completed.
  7. Details of your skill and experience relevant to this project.
  8. Your willingness to initially complete part of the work on a trial basis. We are prepared to pay for any trial work completed.
  9. Should your preference be to completely rebuild the site from scratch please indicate this in your reply. But also include any suggestions you have for the pieces of work you are willing to do to improve the existing site.
  10. We have a preference for the inclusion of ready made or open source scripts in order to keep costs down. Any utilisation of the functionality of the H-Sphere control panel on our hosting account would be welcomed.
  11. Indicate the level of support you can provide once the work has been completed.
  12. Any other suggestions you have for improving the site.
  13. It is our wish to work with a developer(s) who will be a partner(s) for the ongoing development of
  14. Please commence your response with the following headings;

My Website Address:

Timescale for Completion:

Project Cost:

Please submit your response to prior to Tuesday 02 March 2004. Receipt of all responses will be acknowledged by return email. If you do not receive this within 48 hours please resubmit., Ireland Home Page


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