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Moving to Ireland

Links and information are provided on migrating to Ireland for work, study, retirement or any other reason.  Irish Embassy and Irish citizenship information is also linked from this site.


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Living and Working in Ireland
This is a comprehensive and up-to-date work for employees, emigrants, students, business people, retirees, long-stay visitors and anyone planning to spend some time in Ireland.

In addition to the links immediately below please see the Links of Irish Interest table at the bottom of this page for further information.

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Irish Jobs
This page contains a substantial list of and links to Irish job agencies and career related websites to aid you in obtaining employment in Ireland.

Educational Organisations
This page contains links to the websites of Irish universities, colleges and other education related websites for anyone interested in studying in Ireland.

Irish Government Information - Visas & Work Permits
Please refer to this page for further information on government and bureaucracy related issues relevant to your move to Ireland.  Links are provided to the Irish Passport Office, Irish Embassies abroad, Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, The Aliens Office, Department of Justice, Irish Government website and Asylum Information.

You will find listings and links to Irish property related websites and estate agents on this page.

Provides access to information on travelling to, from and within Ireland together with maps of Ireland.

Moving to Ireland Discussion Area
This area allows you to post messages and questions regarding any issues relevant to moving to Ireland.

Case History
Read the case history of Patrick Mackin's move to Ireland in 1996.

  Dublin City Collective Moving to Dublin


Links of Irish Interest
Ancestry Govt. Info Newspapers
Business Horoscope Novelty / Weird
Business Dir. Intl. Links Property
Charity Irish Abroad Shopping
Education Job Search Sport
Entertainment Move to Ireland Travel / Tourism
Golf Ireland News / Home Tv and Radio


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